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Birthing in Paradise - An Alternate Approach to Childbirth

This is a book for all new mothers and mothers-to-be. It focuses on the need for childbirth to be seen as a natural event rather than a alien one.

Birthing in Paradise introduces you to ways of preparing yourself physically and mentally for birthing, things to eat, and what to do when the day comes. It stresses the need for professional assistance in birthing and introduces you to the new experience of being a parent.

The book is now out of print but copies are available from the author for A$12.00 plus A$2.00 packing and postage (A$5.00 for international orders). if you are interested in obtaining a copy.

    My second book is a novel about about the adventurous life of Dr Thomas Braidwood Wilson, who made nine voyages to Australia on convict ships and was shipwrecked twice. In 1829 he explored the south west corner of Western Australia, naming Mount Barker and Denmark and many other places. Wilsons Inlet, on which the town of Denmark is situated, is named after him, as is Wilson's grevillea, a local plant.

He is also remembered for his humane attitude to the convicts, teaching them to read and write and improving the living conditions on board ship. This remarkable man is still revered in the New South Wales town that bears his name: Braidwood.